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Checking to see if anyone here can help - I have a bunch of users on my site having this problem..

Testing my own account after getting failure issues from several of my website's members, I discovered that Likes are not being recorded accurately to my profile. While logged in, I liked a page (this is just an example, the same problem happens on multiple pages). It was:

If I look this page up with FQL or on the Graph API Explorer, I can find the ID for this is:


If I look at my list of Likes, by going to it does not show up.

When I enter this in the Graph API Explorer:


I get:

"data": [

HOWEVER - if I go to my Facebook Profile I can see the Like there. The page has been added to my news feed and the link shows up in my list of Likes.

So why is the fact that I Liked the page not available via the Graph API or FQL?

Thanks very much!

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