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My xml :-


i need to just append a child element :-

<user name="blabla" age="blabla" ><group>blabla</group>

My code giving some error :(

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
doc = ET.parse("users.xml")
root_node = doc.find("users")
child = ET.SubElement(root_node, "user")
group  = ET.SubElement(child,"group")
group.text = "fresher"
tree = ET.ElementTree(root_node)

I missed out "append" , but i don't have idea where to add that. Thanks in advance.

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Change this line

root_node = doc.find("users")

...to this line

root_node = doc.getroot()

The key takeaway here is that doc is already a reference to the root node, and is accessed with getroot(). doc.find('users') will not return anything, since users is not a child of the root, it's the root itself.

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oooyi :) my mistake, Thanks for your time Triptych. God bless you. –  SR query Nov 8 '12 at 3:12

A slightlly modified version to explain what happens:

root = ET.fromstring('<users></users>') # same as your doc=ET.parse(...).find(...), btw. doc=root
el = ET.Element('group')   # creating a new element/xml-node
root.append(el)            # and adding it to the root

>>> '<users><group /></users>'
el.text = "fresher"        # adding your text
>>>  '<users><group>fresher</group></users>'
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