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I've made my first android game with AndEngine. Based on GLES2. I got it working on my Galaxy Note 2, it runs on all the created simulator versions.

I uploaded it to the market and asked some friends to try my app and they come back that it installs but never launches (or with error)

(the application traffic chaos (process net.mindzone.traffichaos) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.)

They use "Samsung galaxy y" for example. Have I overlooked something?

projectproperties : target=android-13


Note trying to get exposure, but I think it's relative to the question

is the game i am talking about. I'm just an indie developer, and I can't afford to buy a range of test devices.

Have I just overlooked something or is this because i am using gles2? I'm really new to Java and andengine (just started last week). I have no idea how to debug this when locally it works. (even in emulator)

Thanks for the time and effort.

--- edit ----

could it be that my textures are too big? I used the "select biggest screen and resize down" method.

So I check for 2 ratio's (everything outside these 2 ratio's defaults to 5:3) (5:3 and 4:3) 5:3 loads the game with CAMERA_WIDTH=1280/CAMERA_HEIGHT=768 4:3 loads the game with CAMERA_WIDTH=1024/CAMERA_HEIGHT=768

So my background images are those sizes, Andengine should resize down shouldn't it? It works in the emulator.

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I understand this question is not directly about code but I am asking about a possible problem inside the code... – renevdkooi Nov 8 '12 at 3:04
maybe, you can ask your user to submit crash report. This usually appeared in google play's developer console. You can then look at the stacktrace in there. – ariefbayu Nov 8 '12 at 3:07
I tried but it's empty. (in the dev console) – renevdkooi Nov 8 '12 at 3:14
I don't think Samsung galaxy Y supports OpenGl ES 2. Not sure though. – Shashank Kadne Nov 8 '12 at 6:23

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