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I have XLSX files that contain data to be imported into a MySQL database. The size of each XLSX file is from 50MB to 100MB. Can anyone give me a great idea or clever suggestion as to what I am supposed to do? Because if I import the XLSX using a manual method (Navicat) it will be wasting my time, every week I have 400-600 files!

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This question is too general. You can write your own app that reads folders of Excel files into databases and ask implementation questions here... if that's not what you want, then your question is not a programming question. –  markus Nov 17 '12 at 23:32
yes, I had do it thanks and sorry. I am using PHP but it's always 'Out of memory' problem, so I ask here for suggestion if any other programming platform that will give me better solution –  Anggie Aziz Nov 19 '12 at 3:12

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Check this post out: http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/23786

Then check out importing the CSV using a PHP script using fgetcsv().

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