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I have a Google Spreadsheet with a protected range. The data is hard to read because of the hash marks. I can fix the problem manually by unchecking "Protected Range" in the view menu. Can I do the same thing from a macro?

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Bad news, I'm afraid. I just spent an hour searching for the same answer myself, and I don't think there is one!

Workaround: Include an image with screenshotted text that tells them to goto View > Protected Ranges.

Or just trust them not to frig with your sheet. You can always rollback history.

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It is what it is.

From the documentation:

Collaborators who try to edit a cell in a protected range they don’t have edit access to will receive an error message. When opening a spreadsheet with protected ranges, individuals will see ranges they don’t have edit access to displayed with a checkered background. If the background pattern makes it difficult to read spreadsheet content, you can hide protected ranges by pointing your mouse to the View menu and unchecking Protected Ranges.

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