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I have following view

def deals(request):
    stateText = {1 : 'Created',
                  2 : 'Activated',
                  3 : 'Completed'}

    return render_to_response('deals.html',locals(),context_instance=RequestContext(request))

In the model MerchantDeal i have one field state_id with three ids 1,2,3 for created, completed and used respectively

I have following template

                    <th>Start date </th>
                    <th>End date </th>
                  {% for Item in dealItems %}
                  <tr class="gray">
                    <td>{{Item.title|capfirst}} </td>
                    <td >{{Item.current_state}}</td>
                    <td width="90">{{Item.used}}</td>
                    <td width="92"><a class="ajax cboxElement" href="/ajax/item?id={{foodItem.id}}">edit</a></td>

This is show current_state as 1,2,3 instead of created,completed and used. I have defined stateText array too

stateText = {1 : 'Created',
             2 : 'Activated',
             3 : 'Completed'}

How to render that for 1,2,3 which comes from database?

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In your MerchantDeal model:

STATE_CHOICES = ((1,'Created'),(2,'Activated'),(3,'Completed'))

class MerchantDeal(models.Model):
    # .. your various other fields
    current_state = models.IntegerField(choices=STATE_CHOICES)

Then in your template:

<td>{{ Item.get_current_state.display }}</td>

The documentation details how this works.

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