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I am new to spring framework.I found this even by looking in documentation but didn't find my desired method.
Let me explain thing which I want
JDBCTemplate.query() method can take multiple parameters which can be 2, 3 ,4....n.Now I am trying to find a method [if JDBTemplate have] through which i just passed a object/array/list , mean a generic parameter so I get rid from the multiple methods.As If I have 200 stored procedures then I have to write 200 mehods! huh
Currently I am doing this by passing an array and splitting it at DB end but I want to find a good way.Any idea/suggestions

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Are you looking for something like this?

   //set any number of parameters
   Object[] parameters = new Object[] { new Integer(1), "test" };
   String sqlQuery = "select * from table1 t where t.id = ? and t.text = ?";
   SqlRowSet srs = getJdbcTemplate().queryForRowSet(sqlQuery , parameters);

You may generalize the is by passing the query and parameters from outside of the method as an argument.

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