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I've been setting up a tagging system for a post. I am using the awesome Select2 gem. One thing that I've noticed is that when I go to edit a post, the tags for that post do not show up. I found a way to get tags to pre-populate using the val() function.

However, because my edit route which is users/:user_id/post/:id is inherently dynamic, it makes it difficult to use a string for the *.getJSON.*

How might I do this or do it differently?

Please note I purposely did not fill in a correct JSON path for the first .getJSON.. this is where I am having difficulty.

var items = [];
var prepopulate = [];

$.getJSON('http://localhost:3000/[JSON PATH HERE]', function(data) {
    $.each(data, function(i, obj) {
        return prepopulate.push(;

  $.getJSON('http://localhost:3000/tags.json', function(data) {
      $.each(data, function(i, obj) {
          return items.push(;
    width: "element",
    tags: items,
    tokenSeparators: [",", " "]
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I don't understand what that first JSON response is supposed to return. – bricker Nov 8 '12 at 10:39

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@bricker, it's ok.. using RABL this can be done with ease. For anyone interested check out

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