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I'm new to lisp, working in clisp on cygwin. When I have a problem, I see something like this

*** - SYSTEM::READ-EVAL-PRINT: variable DB.CLISP has no value
The following restarts are available:
USE-VALUE      :R1      Input a value to be used instead of DB.CLISP.
STORE-VALUE    :R2      Input a new value for DB.CLISP.
ABORT          :R3      Abort main loop
Break 1 [4]

And I have a bunch of prompts where the number seems to increment no matter what I do.

Can someone point me to a newbie guide to what this does, and what I can do here? I've found a few things but they are opaque to me. My practice now is just to quit out of clisp.

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Did you take look at clisp faq list?

It has a question you are asking: How do I get out of the debugger?, although it links to the wrong section of the manual, what you are looking for is Top Level Loop.

Basically, "abort" reduces the debug level by 1 and "quit" drops you out of all the debuggers.

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