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I have created a numpy array of float32s with shape (64, 128), and I want to send it to the GPU. How do I do that? What arguments should my kernel function accept? float** myArray?

I have tried directly sending the array as it is to the GPU, but pycuda complains that objects are being accessed...

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Two dimensional arrays in numpy/PyCUDA are stored in pitched linear memory in row major order by default. So you only need to have a kernel something like this:

void kernel(float* a, int lda, ...)
    int r0 = threadIdx.y + blockDim.y * blockIdx.y;
    int r1 = threadIdx.x + blockDim.x * blockIdx.x;

    float val = a[r0 + r1*lda];


to access a numpy ndarray or PyCUDA gpuarray passed by reference to the kernel from Python.

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