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I read a code there is something like this:

#define __printf__(a,b) __attribute__((format(printf,a,b,)))

In order to under stand __printf__, I need to understand what does attibute do,

Could anybody help me understand this?>

Thank you so much

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format (archetype, string-index, first-to-check)

The format attribute specifies that a function takes printf, scanf, strftime or strfmon style arguments which should be type-checked against a format string. For example, the declaration:

         extern int
         my_printf (void *my_object, const char *my_format, ...)
               __attribute__ ((format (printf, 2, 3)));

causes the compiler to check the arguments in calls to my_printf for consistency with the printf style format string argument my_format.

It's basically a note to the compiler to validate any strings it can at compile time against a given format type. In the quoted line, it's telling the compiler to validate printf format strings against printf format strings (for example if an int is passed for a %s parameter, the compiler should tell the user).

Search for format in the documentation for more.

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