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I have this service:

factory('Post', function($resource) {
    return $resource('/api/post.json', {},
            query: {method:'GET', isArray: false}

And I have this controller:

function PostsCtrl($scope, Post) {
    // init
    $scope.page = 0;
    $scope.page_has_next = true;

    $scope.loadMore = function() {
        if($scope.page_has_next) {
            $scope.posts = Post.query({page: ++$scope.page},
                function(data) {
                    $scope.page_has_next = data.has_next;


This works just fine, each time loadMore() is executed the model gets updated with the next page until there are no more pages. However, I want to append the new set of posts to the current model instead of replacing it, how can I do that?

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Assuming that posts is a array:

$scope.posts = $scope.posts.concat(Post.query({page: ++$scope.page})

This will only work if the new posts has no duplicates with the old posts. If there are duplicates, you have to traverse the array and push only new posts.

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It actually worked this way, I only had to initiliaze $scope.posts = [] as an array so that the first concat would be valid. Thanks. – abstractpaper Nov 8 '12 at 14:20
Hmm, I'm really surprised that it works as the $resource is asynchronous (even if it pretends to be synchronous: stackoverflow.com/q/11966252/1418796). The approach with the arrays contact is a good one but needs to be done in a query's callback (!). – pkozlowski.opensource Nov 8 '12 at 18:55
@pkozlowski.opensource this is exactly where I'm calling concat, in the query's callback. – abstractpaper Nov 9 '12 at 6:27

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