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I am trying to learn how to send TCP packets across the internet to another computer. So say, computer 1 sends data across the internet to computer 2 (using TCP). Assuming that both computer have port forwarding correctly set, how would I go about establishing a TCP connection between the two computers (in Ruby preferably)? I have it working on my LAN, but when I try over the internet, it doesn't seem to work.

My attempt (basically):

Computer 1:

server = TCPServer.new 32500
client = server.accept

Computer 2:

TCPSocket.new PUBLIC_IP_OF_COMPUTER_1, 32500

Problem is that TCPSocket never connects to TCPServer.

I read in the Ruby doc that TCPServer.new's syntax is

new(remote_host, remote_port, local_host=nil, local_port=nil)

What happens if I just leave local_host=nil and local_port=nil (rather than assign them the private IP and port 32500 number on Computer 1)?

If somebody could point me in the right direction, that's be great! I hope I my approach is at least somewhat correct.

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workingwithtcpsockets.com a mustread for you, it is is about networking with ruby – astropanic Nov 8 '12 at 7:34

You created a server which is listening only on the loopback Interface.

Try this out:

curl ifconfig.me

You will get your external IP address, how it is visible from outside, for example

server = TCPServer.new 2000

Now You have a server listening on port 2000

lsof -i :2000

for example:

ruby 37186 wopi 6u IPv4 0xcf0818acc2bdc38d 0t0 TCP *:callbook (LISTEN)

now connect from THE SAME machine to localhost

telnet localhost 2000

this works

telnet 2000 # substitute your real external IP address

this will not work

That is why You can't connect from outside.

Checkout how ngrep, netcat and tcpdump are working, invaluable tools for network debugging.

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Hi, do you know where I could find more documentation on this stuff? For example, Ruby doesn't seem to have a class called Curl, and is it possible to use a TCPSocket rather than telnet? – Jean-Luc Nov 8 '12 at 11:48
curl is a binary, you enter it in the bash/zsh shell, not in the ruby console, same as telnet, netcat, and lsof in my post. You have ruby bindings for curl, called curb, but this is another story, not relevant for you yet. – astropanic Nov 8 '12 at 11:56
You can use netcat pretty well to play with coumunication over network (telnet too), but this is a binary, not a ruby library. Check out the book I have posted in the command above, when You want do networking stuff with ruby. – astropanic Nov 8 '12 at 12:02

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