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I have an existing encryption and decryption login inplemented in C# using RSC2-cbc algorithm using Key and IV. Now I am going to implement the same in node.js. So I have written following code to encryprt and decrypt. The problem I am facing is the node.js encrypted string (chiper) or decrypted string are not matching with C# encryptrd strings.

Existing C# code

byte[] arrbIV = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("dleftaba");
byte[] arrbKey = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(Key); 
byte[] arrbData = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(sData); //Text to be encryptrd

RC2 oEncryptor = new RC2CryptoServiceProvider();

oEncryptor.Mode = CipherMode.CBC;
oEncryptor.Key = arrbKey;
oEncryptor.IV = arrbIV;

// Create memory stream to store encrypted string
MemoryStream oMemoryStream = new MemoryStream();
CryptoStream oCryptoStream = new CryptoStream(oMemoryStream, oEncryptor.CreateEncryptor(),      

 // Peform the encryption
 oCryptoStream.Write(arrbData, 0, arrbData.Length);
 // We have written all the data in the stream and now we can apply padding
 string sRetVal = Convert.ToBase64String(oMemoryStream.ToArray());

Equivalent/ Translated node.js code

var crypto = require('crypto')

var SECRET_KEY = "435353553" 

var IV = "dleftaba"

var ENCODING = 'base64'

var text = "My Text"


var cipher = crypto.createCipheriv('rc2-cbc',key,  iv) 
var cryptedPassword = cipher.update(text, 'utf-8', 'base64')
cryptedPassword+= cipher.final('base64')


var decipher = crypto.createDecipheriv('rc2-cbc', SECRET_KEY, IV)
var decryptedPassword = decipher.update(cryptedPassword, 'base64','utf-8')
decryptedPassword += decipher.final('utf-8')

Please suggest what is going wrong over here. Why node. js is not resulting into the identical chiper like C#.
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Hello, did you get an answer to this? I'm facing the same issue. –  govin Jan 28 at 20:40
I don't know the answer but Node uses OpenSSL for encryption so you can look closer at that. –  David Braun Mar 10 at 14:08
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