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I've got an image editor window. After drag event I minimize my window to miniature in the bottom left corner, after drop on the miniature I return window back. Above the miniature I change cursor to operationNotAllowedCursor.

The problem is: NSWindow does not change the cursor on miniature after the first draggingEntered (after the second and more everything's fine). Moreover, after drop on the miniature NSWindow does not receive any events until a click on any area of it.

Code for minimizing window (in NSWindow subclass):

    const double miniSize = 240;
    MSDraggingMiniature *mini = [[MSDraggingMiniature alloc] init];
    [mini setMiniImage:[[MSScreenMaker getInstance] makeEditorScreen:(int)[self windowNumber]]];

    _mainContentView = self.contentView;
    _oldFrame = [self frame];
    [self setStyleMask:NSBorderlessWindowMask];
    self.contentView = mini;
    NSRect drect = [[self screen] frame];
    double width, height;
    if (self.frame.size.width < self.frame.size.height) {
        height = miniSize;
        width = self.frame.size.width / self.frame.size.height * miniSize;
    } else {
        width = miniSize;
        height = self.frame.size.height / self.frame.size.width * miniSize;
    _anima = MSEditorResizeAnimationMinimize;
    [self setFrame:NSMakeRect(drect.origin.x + 20, drect.origin.y + 20 , width, height) display:YES animate:YES];
    self.contentView = _mainContentView;
    [self setStyleMask:NSTitledWindowMask];
    _anima = MSEditorResizeAnimationDeminimize;
    [self setFrame:_oldFrame display:YES animate:YES];

    [self makeKeyWindow];
    [self makeMainWindow];
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After lots of variants I found the answer. It seems that area, acting like Dragging Source, must be just NSView, not a subclass of NSButton, which I had.

I rewrote my Dragging Source class - now everything works fine.

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