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I have a WPF app based on MVVM pattern with Prism. We have a Shell and load the views as user control into the shell. The application contains menu based navigation as in, when you click a menu tool a screen will be loaded. I want to find out the time taken for the view to load. the time should be inclusive of the time taken to call a webservice, get the model data convert it into viewmodel and show the view. Is there any way do that? Is there any tool for that that is free?

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whole process is on single thread? –  D J Nov 9 '12 at 10:00

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Use a StopWatch in your shell class. Start it when the user clicks a navigation item; add a Loaded event listener to the new UserControl that you create, and stop the StopWatch there. That should give you the load time.

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Just a heads up that Stopwatch class isn't extremely accurate stackoverflow.com/questions/394020/… , not sure if it matters in this case but the discussion on that thread lists a couple of alternatives. Dunno wich one is best most of the time Stopwatch is good enough for me :) –  Iris Classon Feb 24 '13 at 2:06

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