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i have installed fresshd in one of my windows server.now i am connect to the system through putty. It is working fine. my issue us when i am running from command line

PuTTY.lnk -ssh -2 -P 22 username@XXX -pw pswd -m command.txt

commands given in the command.txt files are not executed it just open the putty console and it is closing. when Running from Jenkins also same issue.

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I am not sure if you are connecting to Windows from a Linux machine, or to Linux from a Windows machine. Or Windows to Windows?

PuTTY.lnk is not an executable. If you try to run that, it should produce an error 'PuTTY.lnk' is not recognized as an internal or external command. I am assuming you are running the command from a Windows machine, since you are referring to windows shortcut file (.lnk)

You need to use PuTTY.exe + the rest of your command line. Please note that unless it is in your $PATH settings, you would have to provide a full path to the .exe, for example C:\LocationOfPuttyInstall\putty.exe -ssh -2 -P 22 username@XXX -pw pswd -m command.txt. For the sake of preventing any other problem, you should also specify a correct full path to the command.txt file.

If you are not sure where your Putty is installed, on the Windows machine, do the following:

  • Right click your PuTTY shortcut (the PuTTY.lnk file)
  • Look under "Target"

That would list your full path to PuTTY.exe executable.
This should resolve your problem.

Usually Putty is used to connect from a Windows machine to a Linux machine. From your question, it almost looks like you are trying to connect from a Windows machine to another Windows machine.

You should use PsExec windows tool for such purposes:

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