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I am looking for a .Net CMS that allows me to expose pages/articles that are created in the CMS to other applications without querying the CMS database. Preferably this would be done through an API and by exposing them through a custom secured webservice.

I know Sitefinity can do this.

Do you know if

can do this? If yes, a link to some documentation of the API is appreciated!

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I see you've already taken a look at Sitefinity. Just a side note I wanted to add. While in the current version (3.7) you can accomplish what you want, it is not provided as a service API, just a standalone API that you can use on the server (and then probably expose as a service).

With 4.0 we have planned including service endpoints for the whole API. You will be able to transfer content and pages between websites with minimum effort.

Regards, Slavo.

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You might consider SharePoint. It's free with Windows Server 2003 or 2008, and has a web service API in addition to a more traditional API.

It's written in ASP.NET and can be extended through ASP.NET pages and controls.

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