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I call in my batch file to a function.after the function finish the flow continu and then when I goto the tag END in the end of the batch file it return to the space that I call to the function aa and print zi.

 call :aa 1
 echo zi
 call :rr
 **goto end**

goto b)else(
goto end

echo finish
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Your question really doesn't make any sense, have you read it yourself? Please re word so we can help you, at the moment I don't know what your question is. – Bali C Nov 8 '12 at 10:34

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This question doesn't make much sense. For a start I struggle even understanding what you mean, but looking at the code there are a few things that are obvious:

  1. Labels are written as :label, not label:. So b: just changes the drive, aa: and end: are just invalid syntax.

  2. Calling a subroutine will cause all “end of batch file” conditions to mean “return from subroutine” instead. This includes end of file, goto :eof and exit /b. Usually subroutines end with goto :eof and you also need to use something similar above all subroutines to avoid running into them after your regular program flow.

  3. if %1>2 probably just means “Syntax error, but redirecting the standard output stream to the standard error stream”. At least here it just says 1> was unexpected at this time.. Which is about expected. If you want to say “If foo then bar else baz” then use the following:

    if foo (
    ) else (

    And you cannot compare things with > or < in batch files. You have to use GTR or LSS:

    if %1 GTR 1 goto b else goto end
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I edit the questions. – zipi Nov 8 '12 at 7:30
I dont understand wht after the bold line it doto the end print finish and then return and print zi and comtinu from there – zipi Nov 8 '12 at 7:31

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