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I have this simple Procfile

web: myapp

myapp is in the path, but the processes home directory should be ./directoy/. How can I specify in the Procfile where the process is to be started?

https://github.com/ddollar/foreman/pull/101 doesn't help because it assumes, that this working directory should be the same for every process specified by the Procfile

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The shell is the answer. It's as simple as

web: sh -c 'cd ./directory/ && exec appname'

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An answer to "How can I specify in the Procfile where the process is to be started?"

You can tell Foreman where the application root directory meaning that this does not have to be the same place as the Procfile.

You can start Foreman with the -d option (may need to use -f to the Procfile too).

  $ foreman start -d ./directory


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