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Basically, I created a build.xml for Apache Ant. I use all the .jar files such as easymock.jar, junit.jar, which I downloaded straight from the their websites for my library (set in build.xml).

When I created a new unit test file using those two above .jar files by:

import static org.easymock.EasyMock.expect;
import static org.junit.Assert.*;

Eclipse generated bunch of errors. However, when I ran build.xml as Ant, this didn't seem to be a problem (no compile errors). I guess Eclipse doesn't recognize the external libraries until it actually compiles. How do I ignore these errors for certain unit test files? Or more generally, make Eclipse recognize external libraries?

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Look in Project properties->Java Build Path. This has options to add jars to your project.

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Simply putting the jar files in the project does not guarantee that it is included in the Project Class path. You need to set it manually.

In Properties-->Java Build Path, add a User Library (for example) and include your jar files there.

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