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I want to add a side navigation menu to my android app (like Facebook, Google+, Spotify, Prixing, Evernote, etc)

I already had a look here : Android facebook style slide and here : https://github.com/Gregadeaux/android-fly-in-app-navigation

By following this last link, I got a working implementation which I customized a bit.

As you can see the action bar doesn't slide. That's normal since it's not a part of the sliding view in the Gregadeaux's implementation.

I'd like to include the actionbar in the sliding view. It's probably possible by making a custom implementation of the actionbar but I'd like to keep the original one.

The Google+ app seems not to use a custom actionbar.

Any idea how I can do that? Thanks :)

EDIT: After some search I eventually found that the Google+ app is using a custom actionbar implementation.

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I found a even better solution! super easy to use, super flexible.



Note that the new navigation drawer should now be used in order to comply to the android design guidelines. Check http://developer.android.com/design/patterns/navigation-drawer.html

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It was answered in the same question. The answer says "This one also slides the action bar away!". Answer Blog Post

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