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i m want to get EditText values in String when Radio button setOnCheckedChangeListener(false) and do like this

String  strmusic = "MyString";
EdiText interst_edt;

rdbtn_music.setOnCheckedChangeListener(new OnCheckedChangeListener() {          
            public void onCheckedChanged(CompoundButton buttonView, boolean isChecked) {            

                    Log.i("HotSpot", "Interest strmusic values-"+strmusic +""+isChecked);                       
                     strmusic = interst_edt.getText().toString();                   
                    Log.i("HotSpot", "Interest strmusic values-"+strmusic +""+isChecked);

but the issue is `strmusic String values not Updated with new given String in Edittext, where i m doing wrong please sugest me.

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check your reference (id). – Omarj Nov 8 '12 at 7:47
refrence id is correct – Ankitkumar Makwana Nov 8 '12 at 7:49
i have Edit Text and Radio button Both initiate well – Ankitkumar Makwana Nov 8 '12 at 7:51

setOnCheckedChangeListener will be called when state change of radiobutton in onclick..check whether its going in false state or not.

and make sure you iniialized your edittext

EdiText interst_edt = (EditText) findViewById(;

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yes its going in false state i have check my log – Ankitkumar Makwana Nov 8 '12 at 7:51
but String values not updated – Ankitkumar Makwana Nov 8 '12 at 7:52
r u updating edittext value from anywhere else except rdbtn_music.isChecked() in this case? – ankita gahoi Nov 8 '12 at 7:54
first time its update from json data and it set to editext – Ankitkumar Makwana Nov 8 '12 at 7:55
after that if you update from true state... it will set "MyString" to strmusic. – ankita gahoi Nov 8 '12 at 7:57

i got a Solution of your Problem. try to Do imlpementing below Code.

    RadioButton radioButton;
    EditText editText;

    String strmusic = "MyString";
    boolean BOOL = false;

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        radioButton = (RadioButton) findViewById(;
        editText = (EditText) findViewById(;

        radioButton.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {

            public void onClick(View v) {
                // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                if(v.getId()==radioButton.getId() && BOOL){

        radioButton.setOnCheckedChangeListener(new OnCheckedChangeListener() {
            public void onCheckedChanged(CompoundButton buttonView,
                    boolean isChecked) {

                Log.i("HotSpot", "Interest strmusic values- Before" + strmusic
                        + "" + isChecked);
                if (isChecked) {
                /*  Log.i("HotSpot", "Inside true");
                    strmusic = editText.getText().toString();
                    Log.i("HotSpot", "Interest strmusic values-" + strmusic
                            + "" + isChecked);*/
                } else {
                    Log.i("HotSpot", "Inside False");
                    strmusic = editText.getText().toString();
                    Log.i("HotSpot", "After Radio Button False Value of strmusic:" + strmusic
                            + "");
//                  buttonView.setChecked(true);

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@ankitmakvana: you got your Solution? – Bhavesh Patadiya Nov 8 '12 at 11:38

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