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I have a TreeView with editable items. When I press F2 or click any item after selection, the inplace editor appearing.

How can I change the text which is displayed in that editor before showing it? For example, my tree item's text is Point 1 (300, 450), but I want my inplace editor to display only Point 1.

I tried to catch OnEditing event like that:

procedure TForm1.TreeViewEditing(Sender: TObject; Node: TTreeNode; 
  var AllowEdit: Boolean);
  AllowEdit := True;
  Node.Text := 'text to edit';

However, the text of inplace editor isn't changing, the tree item's text updated only after cancelling edit. How to do this correctly?

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Try if the following suits you:


procedure TForm1.TreeView1Editing(Sender: TObject; Node: TTreeNode; var AllowEdit: Boolean);
  EditHandle: THandle;
  S: string;
  AllowEdit := True;
  S := 'text to edit';
  EditHandle := TreeView_GetEditControl((Sender as TTreeView).Handle);
  SendMessage(EditHandle, WM_SETTEXT, 0, LParam(PChar(S)));
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Great! Thank you very much –  Andrew Nov 8 '12 at 8:26

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