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For a utility diskpart, Powershell allows me to pass data to the console by following

'list vol' | diskpart 

very similar to the this, can we pass data to diskshadow utility ?

When i try, i get the following error:

PS C:\Users\administrator> 'list vol' | diskshadow
Microsoft DiskShadow version 1.0
Copyright (C) 2007 Microsoft Corporation
On computer:  myserver,  11/8/2012 1:13:32 PM

**DISKSHADOW> Error reading from console. Win32 error: 0x6
The handle is invalid.**

Please suggest if i need to something different?

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You'll have to create a temp file with your command(s) and run diskshadow with that script.

$script = "./tmp.dsh"
"list shadows all" | Set-Content $script
diskshadow /s $script
Remove-Item $script
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why wouldn't it work like Diskpart ? –  Nida Sahar Nov 8 '12 at 14:08
Because the author decided to not have it read commands from STDIN? –  Ansgar Wiechers Nov 8 '12 at 14:10

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