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I'm using the galleymanager extension to create a image gallery. Directory structure is like below,


Defined the module in config/main.php file as below,

'imgManager' => array(
    'max_file_number' => '10',//max number of files for bulk upload.
    'max_file_size' => '1mb',

When I'm trying to access the module like, "localhost/site/imgManager". I'm getting the below error,

Error 404 Unable to resolve the request "<controller>/imgManager".

please help

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if imgManager is a seperate module, you should access it like this: localhost/imgManager instead of trying to access it through the controller

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ThomasvdBerge is right, you can see a module as a mini application within Yii. For example I would access my admin module like this withing my application:


<name of module>/<controller>/<action>

Note: this is with urlmanager enabled, if you don't have that enabled it would be like this:

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