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original data (image) enter image description here I want to display my data by concatenating several columns. But the data that appears less than perfect: there is a comma behind at the end of the concatenations, like the picture shows:

Here is the query that I created in oracle 10g

    select id_pegawai, 
    whitelist_pembayaran||decode(whitelist_pembayaran,null,null,', ')||
    whitelist_pemasang||decode(whitelist_pemasang,null,null,', ')||
    whitelist_jenis_iklan||decode(whitelist_jenis_iklan,null,null) as whitelist,

    blacklist_pembayaran||decode(blacklist_pembayaran,null,null,', ')||
    blacklist_pemasang||decode(blacklist_pemasang,null,null,', ')||
    blacklist_jenis_iklan||decode(blacklist_jenis_iklan,null,null) as blacklist
    from verifikator order by id_verifikator desc
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the question is poor without linking it in our minds with previous question. You should show an input, a desired output and what you tried. You gave us only the last two :) – Florin Ghita Nov 8 '12 at 8:08
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so you just want to remove the comma at the end? RTRIM it.

select id_pegawai,
       rtrim(whitelist_pembayaran || decode(whitelist_pembayaran, null, null, ', ') ||
              whitelist_pemasang || decode(whitelist_pemasang, null, null, ', ') ||
              whitelist_jenis_iklan, ',') as whitelist,

       rtrim(blacklist_pembayaran || decode(blacklist_pembayaran, null, null, ', ') ||
              blacklist_pemasang || decode(blacklist_pemasang, null, null, ', ') ||
              blacklist_jenis_iklan, ',') as blacklist
  from verifikator
 order by id_verifikator desc
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wow that's work. thank you very much :) – user1798945 Nov 8 '12 at 8:30

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