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I am searching for a Blogging tools like wordpress. But I want MVC based tools to extend my blog with MVC structure.

My main requirements is

  1. Must be based on MVC
  2. Simple & lightweight
  3. it's blog url structure should be domain.com/cat_name/post_title , because my current wordpress blog is like that, I don't want to lose Facebook Share and Tweets.

I want a simple one, because this is learning only.

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and how much you will pay ? –  Ahmad Nov 8 '12 at 8:40
It should be FREE. :) –  Hein Zaw Htet Nov 8 '12 at 8:43

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Clarifying: if a CMS you use is based on a MVC design pattern or not is irrelevant to you as an user, except if you want to meddle with its inner workings (which you don't - a CMS is made to be used and possibly extended, but in 99% of use cases, if it isn't extendable to your needs, changing the source code is a bad idea, as it will most likely break with any updates you may want to make)

You may want a MVC framework, which will in turn allow you to **code** a CMS of your own, or use a good, extendable, CMS app

The one I use is ProcessWire, which is a CMS/CMF (F stands for Framework) php app, and seems to be the kind of thing you are looking for - it manages your content for you (the default installation comes with a few demo pages) but you define the fields, and you use them to display your content at will. Check it out - the user forum is quite active, and people there are really helpful.

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Well there are tons of Content Managment System Based on MVC frameworks (eg . CodeIgniter ) . I personally recommend Pyro ( Based on CodeIgniter) but other also seem promising . but i don't know much since i haven't tried .

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But Pyro is CMS. Is there any blogging tools? –  Hein Zaw Htet Nov 8 '12 at 11:29

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