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From the wiki HazelCast works like:

 After discovery, node communication is only TCP/IP using Java NIO.

Is there a feasibility to have HazelCast to work over HTTP? So it can work with PaaS like Google AppEngine that only provides access to HTTP resources.

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Hazelcast provides REST interface. You can access map and queue using http protocol.

For example;



IMap map = HazelcastInstance.getMap("stocks");




IMap map = HazelcastInstance.getMap("stocks");
map.put("key1", <CONTENT>);

For more info see Hazelcast documentation.

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Thanks for the response, its great that Hazelcast have a rest api, however, what I mean is that I can include Hazelcast in my AppEngine project, just like how we use it with a web application (like JSP or Servlet) deployed in Tomcat –  xybrek Nov 9 '12 at 9:59

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