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Is it possible to make the send port change output location based on a promoted property?

We have an interface that needs to send it to a different port based on the client. But we add clients on a regular basis, so adding a new send port (both in the administrator and orchestration) will require a lot of maintenance, while the only thing that happens is a directory change

The folders are like this ...


I tried using the SourceFilename to create a file name like client1\Out\filename.xml but this doesn't work.

Is there any way to do this with a single send port?

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did you try dynamic port?? – MIkCode Nov 8 '12 at 12:15
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It is possible to set the OutboundTransportLocation property in context. This property contains the full path/name of the file that will be output by the file adapter. So in your case I guess you could do something along the line (if it had to be done in a pipeline component):

  string.format(@"\\server\SO\{0}\Out", client));

Of course you can do a similar thing in your orchestration.

No need of a dynamic port...

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