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Using String Format to show decimal upto 2 places or simple integer
How to set decimal point in 2 decimal places?

I have Price field in my view. it have the following values 2.5 and 44. I want to display this value to 2.50 and 44.00 i use the following code

@{decimal prolistprice = decimal.Parse(item.OtherFields["Price"].ToString());}
  $@Math.Round(prolistprice, 2, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero)

in which item.OtherFields["price"] is a object i convert it to string and then decimal

but Math.round is not working it shows 2.5 and 44 only.. Can anyone help this

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Math.Round does just that - round.

To format the number - use .ToString(formatString) like so:

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Use string format function

1. string.Format("{0:n2}", 200000000.8776);
2. string.Format("{0:n3}", 200000000.8776);
3. string.Format("{0:n2}", 0.3);

1. 200,000,000.88
2. 200,000,000.878
3. 0.30
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decimal dValue = 2.5;
string sDisplayValue = dValue.ToString("0.00");
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This should work for you

yourvalue.ToString ("0.00");
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