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In a visio shapesheet one can add actions. I want to create an action that updates the value of another cell (the position of a control). How can one do that. Does it need a separate macro, or can it be specified directly? And how?

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You don't need an addon or macro, you can do this in the Shapesheet.

In the Shapesheet look for the Action section. If you don't find it right click and add it. In the Action section add a row. Set the cells to something like:

Action = SETF(GetRef(Controls.Row_1),"2 in.")+SETF(GetRef(Controls.Row_1.Y),"2 in.")
Menu = "Move Control"

Change Row_1 to the name of your control row. You can also change "2 in." to a reference to a cell in which you calculate the new position.

To learn more see:

MSDN: Shortcut Menu Commands

Bill Morein's: Meet A Shapesheet Function: Setf

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