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We have a program that synchronizes defects between RTC and another program. To do this, we have a service user in RTC that creates/modifies workitems. But this requires a contributor license and have only a few of those.

So is there a way to ensure that this service user gets a license permanently?

For the users this isnt an issue, if there arent enough contrib licenses, they use a developer license instead, but we'd rather not give this service user the more expensive dev license.

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In the user view (for your service user), you should see in the tab "overview" a section called "Client Access license" (or 'CAL').

In here, you can select the type of license you want to attribute for that user.

User Editor CAL

More details in "Client access license management overview".

That will link your user to one type of license (not to one license instance, since we are talking about floating license).

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Ah, so there is no way to dictate that user should always have an instance of a floating license? Makes sense now that I think about it. So the only way to guarantee we will always have a valid licence is to buy one non-floating license for this user. – Fredrik Nov 8 '12 at 10:10
@Fredrik no need: as long as your user use one of the right type (ie not the most expensive one) of the licenses, you are good to go. – VonC Nov 8 '12 at 10:13

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