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When I try to log all available editors on my system for my temporary file (wich is "toString" in this code) it always returns null, altough I have many applications installed on my system.

NSArray *appUrls = (NSArray*)LSCopyApplicationURLsForURL((CFURLRef)[NSURL URLWithString:toString], kLSRolesViewer | kLSRolesEditor);

toString is containing the following file path: /var/folders/pl/tcc5k3fd6tj2__9dprg9dm1m0000gp/T/tempFile

What should be the problem here?

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[NSURL URLWithString:toString]

expects a complete URL string including scheme, such as "file://var/folders/...".


[NSURL fileURLWithPath:toString]

instead to get a file URL with the specified path.

Another problem could be that your file name does not have any file extension (e.g. ".txt"), because Launch Services uses the extension (or file type/creator) to find a suitable application.

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fileURLWithPath did solve the problem, thanks for your help! –  Elendas Nov 8 '12 at 10:34

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