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I have a table with transaction, date and their respective sales value. I need to calculate sum of Sales of all the distinct transactions on all Saturdays between date x and y. Teradata doesn't have a datename, datepart function. How can I do this?

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give your table name and fields.It'll be easier to solve –  polin Nov 8 '12 at 9:58

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I'm not Teradata expert, I don't even know it but I've found something. It's not a solution it's only suggestion of course, because you tell nothing about your db schema.

Source Dates and Times in Teradata (thru V2R4.1):

Computing the day of the week for a given date is not easy in SQL. If you need a weekday, I recommend that you look it up in the view sys_calendar.calendar (or join to it), thus:

select day_of_week
   from sys_calendar.calendar
   where calendar_date = date '2003-05-01';

          5  [i.e. Thursday]
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My DB schema is fairly complex. After using a couple of joins, I get a schema of Date, Sales, Transaction_Id. BTW, if I have a date range on which I need to find for all the Saturdays, how will one go about it? –  aayush anand Nov 8 '12 at 10:33
Never mind. Got it. Did an as inner join sys_calendar.calendar as cal on cal.calendar_date=my_table.date where cal.day_of_week=7. Thanks a lot. –  aayush anand Nov 8 '12 at 12:34

Did an inner join as inner join sys_calendar.calendar as cal on cal.calendar_date=my_table.date where cal.day_of_week=7

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