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I am getting error "Exception from HRESULT: 0x80240007" when I am trying to fetch installed windows updates.My code worked well in windows 7 but its not working in windows xp.I am getting error in line "var history = updateSearcher.QueryHistory(0, count);"

this is my code sniplet

        var updateSession = new UpdateSession();
        var updateSearcher = updateSession.CreateUpdateSearcher();
        var count = updateSearcher.GetTotalHistoryCount();
        var history = updateSearcher.QueryHistory(0, count);

I am getting error in the last line. What Changes do i need to make in the code.please help me with this issues.


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0x80240007 is the error code WU_E_INVALIDINDEX as defined in wuerror.h:

// MessageText:
// The index to a collection was invalid.
#define WU_E_INVALIDINDEX                _HRESULT_TYPEDEF_(0x80240007L)

And the call to UpdateSession.CreateUpdateSearcher.QueryHistory boils down to IUpdateSearcher::QueryHistory and its documentation says:

This method returns WU_E_INVALIDINDEX if the startIndex parameter is less than 0 (zero) or if the Count parameter is less than or equal to 0 (zero).

count is most likely not less than 0 but maybe ==0

You need something like

var count = updateSearcher.GetTotalHistoryCount();
var history = count > 0 ? updateSearcher.QueryHistory(0, count) : null;

(or a more complex case handling....)

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thanks for the reply sir.. but I am not getting what changes do i need to make in the code above. –  swati Nov 9 '12 at 7:08
You have to check whether GetTotalHistoryCount() returns a "usable" value, i.e. if ( count > 0 ). –  VolkerK Nov 9 '12 at 7:22
yes m getting the count zero. but there are windows updates installed in my machine. y is the count 0? Is it because its not able to fetch updates installed? –  swati Nov 10 '12 at 6:58

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