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I have developed a library using C++ and C; and the library is working fine with my C++ test program; but it gave me a segmentation fault when the library is used in Python using c_types.

Also, my library works fine under 64 bit OS when I use c_types or C++ test program, it crashes when I switched to 32 bit OS. And my C++ test program works fine on 32 bit OS.

This is very weird.

Anyone knows how to debug the Python and c_types library together?

Or do you have any suggestion?

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Are you trying to use a 64-bit library with 32-bit Python? – Janne Karila Nov 8 '12 at 10:14
@JanneKarila No, I use 65-bit library on 64 bit OS; and use 32 bit library on 32 bit OS. – ming.kernel Nov 8 '12 at 10:16

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The right is to do it is to launch gdb with pdb.

An example here : calling functions returned as pointers from other functions in ctypes

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I think this answer is better:

runing python in gdb

In a summary, just run the following:

gdb python

//after gdb is running, type the following command
run *arguments_of_your_script*

gdb will stop when it find a segmentation fault in the python c_types library.

After that, just run the common gdb command to examine the memory and registers.

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