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I have an application bar in my windows phone application

        <shell:ApplicationBarIconButton x:Name="Refresh" IconUri="Images/appbar.sync.rest.png" Text="Actualiser" Click="ApplicationBarIconButton_Click" />
        <shell:ApplicationBarIconButton x:Name="Favorite"  IconUri="Images/appbar.favs.addto.rest.png" Text="Favorite" Click="ApplicationBarIconButton_Click_1" />

I nedd to set the visibility of <shell:ApplicationBarIconButton x:Name="Favorite" IconUri="Images/appbar.favs.addto.rest.png" Text="Favorite" Click="ApplicationBarIconButton_Click_1" /> to false when i click

How can do this??

Best regards

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You cannot set visibility of individual buttons in the app bar to collapsed. But you can enable/disable them by using the IsEnabled property or remove them dynamically from your code behind ApplicationBar.Buttons.Remove(object) and pass the button object which you receive on click event. I guess it should work.

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Yes it does.... – Claus Jørgensen Nov 8 '12 at 23:35

What you need to do is have 2 different AppBars in your application - the first with the 2 ApplicationBarIconButtons (Refresh and Favorite) and the second with only the Refresh ApplicationBarIconButton.

In your EventHandler for ApplicationBarIconButton_Click_1, you can change the AppBar that is currently being displayed to the user.

Something like this works...

ApplicationBar appBar1 = new ApplicationBar();
ApplicationBarIconButton refreshIcon = new ApplicationBarIconButton();
refreshIcon.text = "Refresh";
refreshIcon.Click += new EventHandler(Refresh_Click);

ApplicationBarIconButton favIcon = new ApplicationBarIconButton();
favIcon.text = "Refresh";
favIcon.Click += new EventHandler(Fav_Click);

ApplicationBar appBar2 = new ApplicationBar();
ApplicationBarIconButton refreshIcon2 = new ApplicationBarIconButton();
refreshIcon2.text = "Refresh";
refreshIcon2.Click += new EventHandler(Refresh_Click);

ApplicationBar = appBar1; // Assign the AppBar with both buttons as the default.

Then in the EventHandler for Fav_Click, write

ApplicationBar = appBar2; // This will make the AppBar with only "Refresh" button visible giving the impression that the Favorite button has been made invisible.
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