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When using a raw TCP socket, there is a need for doing message framing, as explained here, either with a length prefix, or with delimiters.

I came accross the "SOCK_SEQPACKET" socket option today, which could apparently do the message framing almost transparently.

What is the availability of "SOCK_SEQPACKET" amongst platforms and OSes at the moment? (Windows, OSX, Linux, IOS, Android...)

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I you uses SOCK_SEQPACKET of AF_INET, this way:


You won't get a TCP socket. The socket will be a SCTP socket, if your platform supports it.

SCTP is not yet widely used. Latest Linux versions supports it (if SCTP is enabled).

There are some libraries also for Windows.

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Thanks! I thought it was possible to get a TCP socket with SOCK_SEQPACKET... –  plang Nov 8 '12 at 11:41

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