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I have the following script, which I can't seem to get to work in jsfiddle:

I can't see why this is not working?

var $widget = $("<div class='widget widget_" + i + "'>").appendTo( $(".column_" + j );
$("<div class='widget_header widget_header_" + i + "'>").appendTo( $widget );
$("<div class='widget_sub_header widget_sub_header_" + i + "'>").appendTo( $widget );
$("<div class='widget_content widget_content_" + i + "'>").appendTo( $widget );
$("<div class='widget_footer widget_footer_" + i + "'>").appendTo( $widget );
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There was an error in your script. You forgot the closing bracket in the following line:

var $widget =                   // --------------------------------------v
    $("<div class='widget widget_" + i + "'>").appendTo( $(".column_" + j) );


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you have to change this

var $widget = $("<div class='widget widget_" + i + "'>").appendTo( $(".column_" + j );


  var $widget = $("<div class='widget widget_" + i + "'>").appendTo( $(".column_" + j ) );

and it will work perfectly.

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Unrelated to your question, with a bit of channing your code could be much cleaner.

    .append( $('<div>').addClass('column column_1') )
    .append( $('<div>').addClass('column column_2') )
    .append( $('<div>').addClass('column column_3') );

    tolerance   : 'pointer',
    connectWith : '.column'

for (var j = 1, i; j <= 3; j++) {
    for (i = 0; i <= 2; i++) {
        $('<div>').addClass('widget widget_' + i)
            .append( $('<div>').addClass('widget_header widget_header_' + i) )
            .append( $('<div>').addClass('widget_sub_header widget_sub_header_' + i) )
            .append( $('<div>').addClass('widget_content widget_content_' + i) )
            .append( $('<div>').addClass('widget_footer widget_footer_' + i) )
            .appendTo('.column_' + j);
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