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I have installed asterisk I want to test I'm able to log in. I have in Go GoGrid. when I setup the IP, the extension and password I get it cannot reach the server. I'm able to ssh into the machine.

Is there a way to test from the console that asterisk is running and receiving connections ? I would like to test from the terminal that I can connect with that extension and password ? There might a problem with Asterisk running on GoGrid ?

Thanks, Federico

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Federico. Firstly, I run four Asterisk PBXs on GoGrid, so I know it works just fine. Make sure your IP Tables is allowing SIP, IAX2 & RTP connections; by default, the images supplied don't. To see if Asterisk is "seeing" a connection, use "asterisk -rvvv" to connect to the running Asterisk console. Use "sip show peers" or "iax2 show peers" to see if your phones and trunks are connected properly. I also find that the "iftop" utility is -very- useful for making sure that remote devices are even trying to reach your PBX eth0.

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from ssh you can go asterisk console by

asterisk -r

to check inbound sip packets come via firewall use

asterisk -r
sip set debug on

more info can be found at asterisk debug page on voip info

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Also you can check whether Asterisk is alive by a console SIP client such as Linphonec and pjsua.

http://www.linphone.org/eng/documentation/guide/linphonecsh-control.html http://www.pjsip.org/pjsua.htm

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