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I am using Symfony2 for my application and application working fine on windows but when i upload it to server(ubuntu 12.04 LTS) it gives following error :

  You have requested a non-existent parameter "user_show".**

I have search it to my whole application I have never used a parameter named "user_show" although it is one of my template name but I cant find why this error occurs.

I thought it is of cache issue for this I disable APC and Xcache on server but still the problem is same then I install xcache only still no effect .

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Some one bundle use this parameter. You should find all files, which contain "user_show".

Most likely you will need a file in "DependensyInjection" folder.

There you can found the paramener define. You should add this parameter in yours config.yml.

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  1. Clear cache php app/console ca:cl
  2. Regenerate bootstrap.php.cache by php composer.phar update
  3. If your clearing apc from conslole it clears apc for console only so to do it globbaly try to: sudo service apache2 restart
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