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Still trying to set up an headless build for a big university project (RCP product).

Every Eclipse user knows the following manual functionality: "File --> Import --> Existing projects into workspace" as well as "Build Workspace" and "Clean Workspace"

Is there a way to invoke this actions headlessly?

Thank you!!

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I answered a previous question with a hacky little plugin to import projects. This may help, or at least show you how to implement a similar plugin yourself.

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Not yet but you can expect it soon. Work is in progress on Bug 320552 .

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Ant4Eclipse has a task that can do this: workspaceDefinition. It takes the directory in which to create the workspace and a list of directories to search for projects, and adds any projects it discovers to the new workspace.

I don't think it can add a project to an existing workspace. I'm also not clear on whether it can register a project that is within the workspace directory (and keeps its relative path if the workspace is moved); it seems the project must have an external, absolute pathname.

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