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I just upgraded my Azure solution to VS2012 and October 2012 version. I have 2 webroles but only 1 of them is working now when I look it from IIS Manager. I'm sure of it because my webrole's inter-role communication requests are failing too.

First I tought it can be another problem so I asked this question: Windows 8 Azure Emulator is Remapping Port 80 to 81

Here you can see my IIS Manager: IIS WebRoles

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what does it say in the compute emulator in the system tray? – f0x Nov 8 '12 at 11:30
Interesting but it looks like normally working. – iboware Nov 8 '12 at 11:45
Ok, try checking the box 'use iis express' on the web project and keep an eye on the iis express system tray icon to see the urls that its making it accessible. remember port remapping is fine to 81 82 its perfectly normal. also what role communication are you doing? can you step through it to see whats happening? – f0x Nov 8 '12 at 11:53
IIS Express is crashing. – iboware Nov 8 '12 at 12:14
Yeah that doesn't sound too great; something is most definitely wonky on your end. Im running 4 webrole instances in iis express at the moment. take your solution apart one by one starting with the inner role communication and see where its falling over. – f0x Nov 8 '12 at 12:24
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I had the same issue, and RESOLVED it following the suggested Registry hack here: Strange behavior of Windows Azure Compute Emulator (SDK 1.8) with multiple role instances on a clean machine with VS2012 but WITHOUT VS2010

Anyone with this issue, please pile onto this connect log for MS to properly fix:

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thank you. I will try your solution. As soon as I get it working, I'll mark this as the correct answer. – iboware Jan 20 '13 at 22:22
it works, thank you again! :) – iboware Jan 20 '13 at 23:31

It's a bug, I hope it's fixed in the next update by Microsoft. Definitely happens if you have VS2012 on Windows 8 and didn't install/upgrade VS2010


  • Create a text file (*.reg) with this and import into your registry (double click .reg file in explorer)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\DevDiv\vs\Servicing\10.0] "SP"=dword:00000001

  • Kill the process i.e. exit VS2012, exit compute emulator (or just reboot if in doubt).
  • Fire it up again!
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