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The title might be difficult to understand so here's a short explanation : I have to create a method :

MergeDataset(byval ds as Dataset) as dataset

  • The datatable has multiple rows
  • The columns : startDate, endDate, and multiple others

The dataset is ordered by startDate

What I do now :

  • I create a clone of the dataset, which is empty ofcourse
  • I loop through every datarow in the datatable

    If the datarow has a value in the clone dataset which equals all columns(except startdate and endate) and the enddate of the clone equals the startdate of the datarow - 1 day

else the row is added to the clone

This now is done correctly, but takes a lot of time. When I have a dataset of 100 000 rows, it takes multiple houres to merge them all.

Here some code :

Dim mergeSet As DataSet = dsSubscriptions.Clone()
Dim dr() As DataRow = ds.Tables("resultTable").Select("","startDate")
For Each sourceRow As DataRow In dr

If mergeSet.Tables("resultTable").Rows.Count > 0 Then
     Dim foundRows As DataRow() = mergeSet.Tables("resultTable").Select(endDate=startDate-1 and value1 = value1 and value2 = value2 and value3 = value3)    
'If nothing in foundRows -> Add row
For Each resultrow As DataRow In foundRows
resultrow("endDate") = CDate(sourceRow("endDate"))
'Add row

A lot of time gets lost in the select of the mergeSet, if I check timespans they're increasing a lot. The select has 5 unique values, and rows can be merged if all values equal eachother, and the dates can be merged into one period.

Small example :

id startDate endDate value1 value2 value3

1 1-11-2012 30-11-2012 A B C Add to Merge

2 1-12-2012 31-12-2012 A B C Merge with 1

3 1-1-2013 31-1-2013 A B B Add to Merge(not same values as 2)

Any help is welcome! Kind regards

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Can you improve the time with something like – Fionnuala Nov 8 '12 at 17:10
Add an index on the field that has highest cardinality. – Neolisk Nov 8 '12 at 20:27

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