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I have two .csv files containing information which I would like to link. I read each .csv file into a dictionary and named it as follows:

               Key      Value              
Dictionary1 = {Complex, Protein}    
Dictionary2 = {Protein, Absorbance}

I would like to be able to link the proteins from Dictionary1 to Dictionary2 so the end result would be if I were to call a complex in Dictionary1 it would give me the absorbances associated with all the proteins in Dictionary2.

Perhaps I have taken the wrong approach putting both the data sets into dictionaries...

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You can use the value resulting from the lookup in the first as the key for the second. Of course, assuming that the data is immutable.


dict1 = {'Complex': 'Protein'}
dict2 = {'Protein': 'Absorbance'}

dict2[dict1['Complex']] # 'Absorbance'
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