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I'm trying to make a function run another function and then ask for input. The thing is that when I use the print option it returns None after exectuing the def, but when I use the return option it just prints the print_board(board) and finishes the function, meaning, without asking for the inputs.

How can I execute a command without showing None and without finishing the function?

def main():
     print print_board(board)
     x = int(raw_input("Enter row "))
     y = int(raw_input("Enter column "))
     z = int(raw_input("Enter digit "))
     return is_valid_move(x,y,z)
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def main():

This will call print_board(), but will neither print out its return value (None) nor terminate main().

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Stupid me, thank you it worked! –  user1783611 Nov 8 '12 at 11:36

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