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Yi-Lun Luo at Microsoft says:

[C]urrently [the] TabControl doesn't override PrepareContainerForItemOverride, so it won't automatically wrap your data source in TabItems.

So the question is: How do I create my own control that:

  1. Extends the TabControl.
  2. Overrides the PrepareContainerForItemOverride.
  3. Automatically wraps my data source in TabItems or my own TabItemExtended controls?
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There is a good example of a subclassed TabControl is the Prism RI. Make sure to look at Themes\generic.xaml and Shell.xaml for the templates.

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I've created the custom class which is derived from the Silverlight TabControl class. It supports data binding and works correctly with the ObservableCollection class. In my implementation I added the ItemsSource property with several other properties and handled changes of the source collection.

Here is the link: http://vortexwolf.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/silverlight-tabcontrol-with-data-binding/

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