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For example, say I want to replace foo with bar on lines 1,3,11, and 15. How could I do that?


will replace foo with bar on lines 1-15. But I want to specify multiple individual lines (1,3,11,15), not a range (1-15).

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One way: Execute the :substitute for the first line, then repeat the same substitution with :&& on the following lines.

:execute '1s/foo/bar' | 5&& | 11&& | 15&&

Another way: Use the :global command with a pattern that matches only in the lines.


Third way: Use a loop:

:for l in [1,5,11,15] | execute l.'s/foo/bar' | endfor
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Perfect, thanks @Ingo_Karkat! I really like the 3 different options. –  Rob Bednark Nov 8 '12 at 12:52

How do you come up with the line numbers? If this is a manual process of visual inspection, you could make use of the multiselect plugin. It allows you to select multiple, non-contiguous ranges, and then you can apply a command on them:

:MSExecCmd s/foo/bar
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