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I have a query like this

select `temp`, IfNULL(count(id),0) t 
from survey 
where `temp`<>'NULL' and `temp`<> '' and date(submitdate)='date' 
group by `temp

with o/p

temp        t
A1          1

But here is what happens on the selected date, if there are no records: I'm not getting any results. answers are like A1,A2,A3

I need o/p like this

temp   t
A1     1
A2     0
A3     0
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You must be having a different table which has all the types of 'temp', like A1, A2.. I mean which table are you reffering to get A1, A2, A3 –  Sashi Kant Nov 8 '12 at 12:09
You're comparing to the string 'NULL' rather than records where the column is NULL - is this intentional? –  Bridge Nov 8 '12 at 12:25

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You will have to do some self-JOIN tricks to get a record for every answer:

SELECT s.`temp`, count(survey.id) t
-- This will ensure that you will get all relevant answers A1, A2, A3
  FROM survey
  WHERE `temp` <> 'NULL' and `temp` <> ''
--             ^^^^^^^^^ Might want to replace this by `temp` IS NOT NULL?
) s
-- Only then, you will actually get the actual records per answer and date
  ON s.`temp` = survey.`temp`
  AND date(survey.submitdate) = 'date'
GROUP BY s.`temp`

Just be sure that you have an index on survey.temp.

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